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FranFaire Newsletter – December 2011

Greetings from FranFaire Franchise Consulting!    

Franchisee Validation Spreadsheet

One of the questions we are most frequently asked when people are looking to invest in their own business is: “when am I going to start making money?  A return on my investment?”

It is extremely important to find out your break-even point because that helps you determine whether a particular business or franchise opportunity is a viable option for you.  The advantage of franchising is that you have franchisees to question and gather this information from.  They have the real-life experience and information to give you an assessment of when you will start making your money.  However, how comfortable are you asking a stranger how much money they make?  For most of us it’s difficult, and that is why we are happy to be able to provide you with our Franchisee Financial Validation Spreadsheet.

Our validation sheet is a pro forma that allows you to ask questions that are not too invasive, questions that both you and the franchisee are comfortable with, and still get the answers and numbers you need.  You will get information that will assist you in determining your break-even point and profitability.  We are here to help you understand and evaluate all of your options.  This is another tool that we offer you at no charge.

If you would like to learn more about our Financial Validation Spreadsheet, contact us for more information.



Mr. Fire Safety provides three very lucrative services:

  • Exhaust hood cleaning – required by ALL restaurants each year and is government mandated
  • Cooking Oil Filtration – doubling the life of a restaurant’s cooking oil, saving them money
  • Fire Extinguisher Service – required by every business in the United States and is also government mandated

Mr. Fire Safety is a solid franchise model with repeat business, reliable & recurring revenue in any economy.  Customers include restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, and malls.  Franchisees have multiple revenue streams, allowing them to offer multiple services to the same customers, increasing revenue. All work is mandated by NFPA Law and enforced by all township fire inspectors and insurance companies nationwide. This is a repeat business model with high profit margins of 40%-60%.

Want to learn more about Mr. Fire Safety? Contact us. 


Complimentary Trainings Available

We are so happy to be able to provide you with the opportunity to search for your best future by finding the perfect business for you and your life.

 Not sure what will interest you?  Know what you want but want more details before pursuing the next steps?

 Join us for no obligation, educational webinars with the franchise concepts in our portfolio.  Concepts range from low investment to Area Developer opportunities, from business coaching to pet industries, active management to investment-only opportunities.

 We also offer monthly small business trainings to help you while running your business.  Topics addressed include time management, working with your Franchisor, decision making and more.  We strive to provide you with the best services, before, during and after you invest in your franchise.

 Contact us at for a calendar of events and how to attend.




Franchising Benefits:

 Passive Franchises

Looking to replace or supplement your income with business ownership?  Interested but you don’t want to increase your current work responsibilities?

At FranFaire, we have more than one hundred passive concepts in our portfolio.  These are business and franchise concepts that do not require the owner/investor to work actively in the day-to-day operations of the business.  This frees up your time while still allowing you to earn income from your business.

Passive concepts span all industries, including Home Improvement, Professional Services, Restaurants, Senior and Special Needs Care, Financial Services, Retail, Pet Care, Beauty and more.

Want to learn how you can earn income passively through a concept in one of these industries?  Contact us today.


Success Story

“Fantastic Sams has a tremendous education program—at the local, regional and national level.  Through management-training classes, on-line webinars, regular visits by regional and national educators to our market, local skills classes taught by our well-trained local educator, beauty supply manufacturers, classes at our national convention—all contribute to a very highly skilled workforce.  Our stylists, managers and even we as owners have every opportunity to expand our skills and talent and learn something new every day of the week. The level of education at Fantastic Sams is well above that of any of our local or national competition. We value our education highly and without this local and national support it would be difficult to run a profitable business.”

Richard and Laurel Upson , Owners of 9 Fantastic Sams Salons in Texas

 Learn how you can become part of Fantastic Sams success story, contact us now.

888-217-8865 or contact@FranFaire.com

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