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You’re Invited To These Webinars!

June 18th – June 29th

To register for a webinar just click on any of the links provided below and include my email address.

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Service Team of Professionals,
Monday, June 18th, 3pm ET


Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/240414233

The Service Team of Professionals provides quality disaster cleaning and repair, including 24-hour emergency service.  Call on “S.T.O.P.” for water, smoke, fire, wind, mold, vandalism and other damage repair services.  The S.T.O.P. franchise system has one goal: to help each individual franchisee build a company; not a job, but a real company with organizational structure and systems.  S.T.O.P. combines their proven marketing and management systems with highly profitable disaster restoration and reconstruction services.

As part of the Service Team of Professionals (The National Team of Property Restoration), the franchisee will have on-call support from S.T.O.P.’s own nationwide staff of restoration experts.  This “teamwork” assures your customers of up-to-date technology and professionalism.  S.T.O.P. gives franchisees a unique business-to-business franchise opportunity where a franchisee will market their services to the insurance industry (where money has already been allocated to repair homes and buildings damaged by water, wind, smoke, fire, and mold).  S.T.O.P.’s training and support for its franchisees helps build companies.  Their management and technical staff are experienced professionals.  They specialize in handling the complexities of disaster situations and have done so for 40 years.

S.T.O.P. offers their franchisees:

  • A low initial investment opportunity $40k-$103k
  • Most impressive earnings claim in the industry
  • Extensive training
  • On-call support
  • Up-to-date technology for restoration services

Tuesday, June 19th, 3pm ET


Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/760620441

Are you looking for a professional consulting and training business opportunity that will put your experience and contacts to work?  Firestorm can show you how preparedness can create opportunities for you while helping others at the same time. Firestorm believes that a culture of preparedness is the foundation of success. Such a culture centers our organization on sound governance principles of responsibility and accountability. It enables and guides our organization should we face hostile conditions or if our business environment is compromised.

We live in a period of increasing natural disasters, terrorism and health crises. Firestorm has solved problems ranging from designing continuity and pandemic plans for Fortune 500 companies to providing crisis management support after the Virginia Tech tragedy. Together, we can be an effective team.

Firestorm has developed step-by-step processes, tools, procedures and plans for franchisees to market to companies and assist these companies in planning for and managing disasters and crises. The franchisees sales market is the entireUnited States.  Firestorm brings credibility, references, potential national account opportunities, and a fast-start process to help franchisees generate immediate sales.  With Firestorm, you can generate sales while enjoying the satisfaction of helping those in need.

Firestorm Offers:

  • Total Investment of $72,500
  • Passive Ownership Allowed
  • Residual Income
  • Small Staff Size
  • Repeat Clients

Express Oil Change & Service Center,
Wednesday, June 20th, 3pm ET


Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/986799729

Express Oil Change andServiceCenteris the largest independent quick oil change business in theSoutheastern U.S.with over 185 stores across the South.  Express Oil, LLC corporate operates 75 of those stores, with over 600 employees. ExpressOilChange & ServiceCenteroffers fast oil changes, minor automotive repair, and preventive maintenance services.  Vehicle maintenance has proven to not only be recession resistant, but boosted by the recent recession as vehicle owners are looking to keep their cars longer and looking for reliable service centers.

ExpressOilChange & ServiceCenterhas experienced exceptional growth and endurance with their franchise system, with franchisees enjoying a 99% survival rate behind a strong, experienced brand. Franchisees do not need any prior automotive experience. Franchisees can operate an industry leading brand, AND still have time for their personal life. As anExpressOilChange & ServiceCenterfranchisee, you will get outstanding support from your franchisor. According to Franchise Research Institute, 100% of Express Oil Changes franchisees believe “My franchisor understands that if I am successful, they will be successful.”

Express Oil Change andServiceCenteroffers:

  • Cash Investment of $300,000
  • Earnings Claim
  • High Return on Investment
  • Passive Ownership Allowed After Approval
  • Been in business for over 30 years


Interpreters Unlimited,
Monday, June 25th, 3pm ET


Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/514930072

Interpreters Unlimited is a global company helping to improve communication between people of different cultures, nationalities, locations and religions. Fluency in a language does not guarantee proper communication. Technical expertise along with cultural sensitivity is an absolute must. With our world getting smaller each day, translation and interpretation services take an added importance to doing business successfully. Interpreters Unlimited understands this and has created a business model around this concept. They provide multilingual solutions wherever language is creating a barrier to effective communication.

Interpreters Unlimited is truly a turn-key business opportunity; ready for you to start immediately. Franchising is available nationwide and carries the Interpreters Unlimited trademark. This business can be operated from your home office and you can determine the work schedule and income you desire.  After working in this industry for nearly 40 years, Interpreters Unlimited has a nationwide name and their client base includes more than 600 active customers representing a wide array of industries.

Benefits of owning an Interpreters Unlimited License include:

  • Total Investment as low as $37,250
  • Ability to work from home
  • B2B opportunity
  • Proprietary software system
  • 14 billion dollar industry
  • Part-time ownership allowed

Pro Martial Arts,
Tuesday, June 26th, 3pm ET


Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/372716033

Have you always wanted to own your own sports-related and/or fitness-related business?  Do you want to work with people of all ages while being actively involved in your community?  If you said yes to these questions then PRO MARTIAL ARTS is the right franchise for you!

PRO MARTIAL ARTS is a fast-paced, exciting sports/fitness business concept with cutting-edge programs comprised of true karate workouts. PRO MARTIAL ARTS offers quality training in the Grandmaster Samane methods to people of all age groups, genders, and skill levels. This is not a big box gym!  Grandmaster Samane recognized early on that the karate school business provided a niche within the fitness industry and was ripe for innovation.  Backed by more than 18 years of industry and entrepreneurial experience, he developed a unique and innovative business model that shifts the paradigm of martial arts instruction and allows people to work in the enjoyable and fast-growing fitness industry as independent business owners.  NO PREVIOUS KARATE TRAINING IS NECESSARY TO QUALIFY FOR A PRO MARTIAL ARTS FRANCHISE.


  • Residual Income
  • Earnings Claim
  • Passive Ownership Allowed
  • Turn Key System
  • Full Training and Support
  • Assistance in Hiring Instructors


ProTect Painters,
Wednesday, June 27th, 3pm ET


Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/286527001

For a modest initial investment, you can own a top home-based franchise with a simple business model built on an extensive sales and technology infrastructure.  As a franchisee of ProTect Painters you will have the resources and support needed to reach your financial goals and to enjoy a flexible lifestyle.

The residential and commercial painting industry generates more than $40 billion in total annual sales. There is pent-up demand for a trusted national brand because the industry is littered with unreliable independent contractors. With the ProTect Painters franchise business model, they bring value to the marketplace by providing guaranteed quality and exceptional service.  ProTect Painters is bringing professionalism, quality and superior service to a market littered with unreliable mom-and-pop painters.

As a ProTect Painters franchise owner, you won’t have to touch a brush or scale a ladder. Our owners manage sub-contracted crews who perform the work. The most successful owners attract, manage, lead and motivate a team of sub-contractor crews who wield the brushes and deliver the quality ProTect Painters service that the brand is known for.

ProTect Painters will provide your clients with:

  • Total Investment of 99K
  • Financial Performance Statement Available
  • Professional business
  • Few to no employees and low overhead
  • Scalable Model

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